Features of table football

Features of table football. Table football rules. A good gift for a child who develops coordination and motility.

Features of table football
Features of table football

"Table football" or else they call it "kicker", it appeared a long time ago, even our mothers and fathers played it with pleasure. Previously, to find the game "football" was difficult, t.

There was no such a wide choice as now. Nowadays, this fun is available to everyone. Today in stores a huge selection of "table football". You can gather at home with your family or friends and arrange a real football tournament. Play together or create your team, and maybe not one! In table "football" play even sitting, choosing a chair higher. The game is available for children from 3 years. Not one football fan will not refuse to play this game. Table football is not only an interesting pastime, but also the development of motor coordination and motor skills.

The board game "football" is made as follows: on the field, which is located on the legs, with the help of levers figures of football players move. There is a scoreboard and a goalkeeper. The game is light in weight, so it can be moved to any place where it is convenient. The rules of the game are simple. At first, the teams draw the lot, thereby determining who will play on which side of the field.

Then the ball is introduced into the game and the first serve is carried out. If the ball immediately scores 2 line players, it does not count. If the ball takes off from the field, it is entered back by the team that did it last. Matches can be held up to 1, 2 or 3 wins. Just like in real football! In the game it is impossible to lose count, because there is a film with a slider where you can mark points. If a goal is scored, the ball simply comes from the outside of the playing field. The height of the field is made in such a way that it will be convenient for the dad to play and the child will reach. You can act as a football fan, standing, for example, behind the back of a child or husband. The game field is big. Enough for everyone!

The board game "football" is made of durable materials, so scoring balls can not worry if you do not calculate the force. The rules in the game are always the same, but there are differences in the game table. The difference in the brand tables, design, balls, as well as in covering the table. It depends on the manufacturer and the price of the game.

"Football" is a good gift for a boyfriend, girlfriend, child, colleague, or just the person you want to make pleasant. The game will always help to have fun and to spend time!