How to become a football player

How to become a football player. Send their children to the football section.

How to become a football player
How to become a football player

A lot of ordinary boys and experienced athletes dream of becoming professional footballers. Where do you start to achieve this goal?

First you just need to become a good football player.

Play in small matches - school, district, city.

How to become a professional football player

Some tips from famous athletes for beginners:

  -You need not to be afraid to play - to feel confident on the field and not to worry about possible mistakes, because you learn from mistakes.
 - A penalty kick is an important skill for a football player. Learn to score - such a player is useful to the team.
 - Learning not to look at your feet - drive the ball and see what happens on the field.
 - Do not forget that football is a team game. Learn to feel the game and partners, play them and then they will play on you.

But for professional sports it is very important to play football since childhood - the probability of playing in famous clubs increases many times. Therefore, if your child loves to play football, it is quite possible in the future he will be able to combine his hobby with work that will bring not a bad income.

What you need to become a footballer

- Health. Health is in the first place, because if a child is weak in childhood, it often affects the quality of the game and stamina during training. For a great sport you need to be healthy and strong. Before you give the child to the football section, you need to undergo a medical examination and in the future regularly visit doctors, be checked and keep the body in good shape.
- The routine. It is very important to plan your time so that you have enough for both training and sound sleep. You also need to not forget about proper nutrition for athletes, which will help to stay healthy and will be the foundation for muscle growth.
- Training You need to train a lot and hard and remember that every workout is another step on the rise to the top. In order for them to be effective, an experienced, specially trained coach is needed to help determine which skills are more developed — speed, reaction, or bounce — and tell you who to be on the field.

In football, there are such positions:

Goalkeeper - you need to have a tall (not less than 185 cm), strong legs for instant reaction and jumping, to have a strong nervous system - to be calm and confident.

The extreme defender - there should be good speed and sharpness, physical strength and head skills.

A central defender is one of the main requirements in professional football for a defender - tall and head. Instant speed and competent tactics.

The extreme midfielder - a good ball transfer, speed and dribbling technique. It is important to be hardy and play equally with both feet.

The defensive midfielder - intransigence, tenacity, sharpness, head play - the main parameters of the position.

Attacking midfielder - need sharpness, a good punch, top and bottom pass. Mandatory game tactics, understanding and high technique.

Forward - need initiative, courage, it is important to be able to take the game by yourself. Be sure to have a strong blow, high speed, scoring flair.

Once you have decided which position suits you better, you need to develop the necessary skills to a greater degree. It is useful to jog a lot to develop endurance, to stretch - a good stretch gives speed, learn to play as a team, develop the tactics of the game.

How to become a good football player

- Motivation and self-development are needed. The path to the top of the sport takes more than one year, so you need to stock up on a huge exposure and always remember what you are going, do not stop on the way to achieving the goal.
- Remember - missed workout - step back. Big sport does not accept the weak.
You need to love football, go to the games of other teams, watch the game of professional football players, find your idol who will inspire you before each workout.
- It is useful in your free time to read literature about football, about great players, to get acquainted with the history of football, to follow the development of this game.
- Imbued with the philosophy of football and the desire to play, as Ronaldo did.

How Ronaldo became a professional football player

The first gift to him from his father was a football, from which a small three-year-old child did not leave a single step.

In 8 years, Ronaldo got into the club "National".

The boy grew up, honed his skills at street matches and at the age of 12 played up with adult defenders.

When he was 11, he became a student of the Academy of “Sporting”, where there were no relatives - only he and training.

Three years later, the next champion brought the ball to the main team, was on the bench, until one day he was let out 20 minutes before the end of the game on the field, where he scored his first debut goal!

After this match, the player began to train with the main team, and at the end of the first season he was invited to Manchester United.

The way to the top was not easy - they scoffed at him for an accent, he missed his family, but his love of football and patience at the age of 17 made Ronaldo the most highly paid young football player in Britain.

The main thing is to play from the heart, to remember the four components of success on the way to professional football, and then the coach or agent will notice you, and the contract with a famous football club will not take long.