How to choose boots for football

How to choose boots for football. Good baby soccer shoes, football shoes a boy, for girls.

How to choose boots for football
How to choose boots for football. Good baby soccer shoes, football shoes a boy, for girls.

How to choose boots for football. Demand for football attributes always remains at a very high level. After all, football is the most popular sport on our planet. No exception is the shoes in which players go to the stadium shoes. In this article we will try to figure out how to buy football boots, in order not to regret a perfect purchase later.
The choice of any shoes, including sports shoes, is a purely individual matter. When buying, attention may be paid to quality, high prices, to the company manufacturer, design, colors, etc. This is not surprising, because as they say: "the taste and color Before choosing football boots, many experts in this field advise to pay attention first of all to three points:

Foot size and foot width.
The type of sole, based on the type of coating on which it is planned to play. This is very important, since the difference in the spikes of the boots is made for a different type of football field. It will just be much more convenient for you to play precisely in those boots that correspond to the very common turf cover where your team holds matches and training sessions.
Appearance and certain models of shoes.
This will be quite enough for the new thing to bring aesthetic pleasure and comfort during the game. So, first things first.

How to determine the size of the boots
One of the most important moments when buying boots is to determine their size. From this will depend on the health of the feet, comfort in the game, as well as wear and durability in use.
The easiest way to go to the store and try on your favorite option. However, there are cases when the pair of shoes that you have long dreamed of can only be ordered remotely by phone or online. In such a situation, you must be very careful.

Option number 1
If among their football attributes there are original boots, then inside of them there is a tag with a size table of different countries, and also the length of the foot is indicated. Manufacturers of sports shoes adhere to unity in this matter, and their dimensional nets are the same. Be sure to measure the shoes and feel whether they are comfortable for your foot or not. The old days have long passed when it was possible to buy boots close to the foot, and they eventually raznashivalis and took the form of the foot. Now, sports technology has gone very far, so with the purchase of football boots you can safely measure them and feel their convenience. The important fact is that nowhere rubbed foot, as well as that there was no discomfort. Be sure to measure using leggings instead of the usual sock, so you can immediately understand whether you are comfortable or not. When buying, just put on the boots on the legs at once and it is advisable to walk around them in the store for about 5 minutes to finally make sure they are comfortable, believe me, don't be shy, so do all professional football players.

Option number 2
If the purchase of football boots is carried out for the first time, then you can go to the nearest brand store of the brand, which you have long dreamed of, and try on any similar model. Since the dimensional grid is unified within one brand, it is easy for this fitting to find out your size and ask the seller to give you a fitting model of the boots of exactly this size that suits you.

Option number 3
And the easiest way to determine your foot size is to place your foot on a piece of paper, mark extreme points and measure the distance between them with a ruler. However, in this case it is worth remembering that when choosing a boot, it is important not only the length of the foot, but also its width. Therefore, all the same option to try them before buying will be the best.

Choosing leather shoes you need to consider that over time it will stretch a little. Therefore, it is better to point to the floor size smaller. Synthetic shoes should clearly sit on the foot, as in the future such material will never stretch and will be almost the same as when buying, even after 2 or 3 seasons of the game.

How to choose the right shoes with spikes
All football shoes can be divided into two types:

With thorns are used to play on grass or artificial turf;
With polyurethane or rubber sole for smooth surfaces or gyms. They are often called futzalki or bumpy.
Shoes with spikes differ in turn in their number and size, it all depends on the degree of hardness of the soil on the football field.

Each type of boots has its own special marking for easy identification and selection of them.

For high-quality grass fields when playing during or after rain on soft soils, shoes with 6 or 8 spikes are used. They are also ideal if the match is held in rainy weather, and with such boots you will never slide across the field, but it is contraindicated to play on an artificial field in these boots. They are marked with the letters SG (Soft Ground).

The most common shoes are shoes with 12 or 13 spikes made of polyurethane. They are labeled FG (Firm Ground) and are designed to play in both natural and synthetic sports fields and fields. Each player has a set of such boots, and if the weather has changed dramatically, he simply changes them for the others.

For hard turf, it is advisable to buy HG (Hard Ground) cleats. This type of boots comes to very bad soccer fields, usually there is very little grass and hard ground on such soccer fields. Just for this kind of football fields, these boots will be just perfect.

This type of boots, like "centipedes", with a large number of rubber studs has the designation (TURF). They are suitable for different types of lawn and provide good grip. Evenly distributed on the sole spikes reduce the load on the foot, and run in them more comfortable than in the "classics". They can easily be played on artificial turf and sometimes even in gyms. This is a more versatile type of boots for dry weather and for sports halls.

But for the games in the hall are released individual models of sports shoes. They are fully consistent with high speeds and maneuvers, as well as strikes with a sock. These boots provide protection for the feet when they come into contact with a solid futsal ball. Foam inserts on the sole protect both the legs and the spine from loads when running on a hard surface. They can be marked FS (Futsal) or Indoor. They are quite convenient to play in the gym and thanks to them greater contact of the foot with the ball. Therefore, playing football in the hall in such boots, will be actively developed technique of the ball, and the technique of working with the ball player. Plus the feeling of owning the ball will be much higher.

I want shoes like Messi and Ronaldo
Many people think that buying sports shoes like their star idols, they will play much better. It's not like that at all. No need to choose in the store boots like Neymar, Ibrahimovic or Messi. First of all, you should pay attention to those shoes that will be convenient for you, fit well on your feet, and will not give you a feeling of discomfort while running or striking. The ideal option will be to consult with your trainer before buying, he will definitely be able to help you when choosing and will tell you exactly the right model of boots that will be perfect for you and your age.
Many football players are on promotional contracts and are forced to enter the field not in the shoes that they like, but in the boots prescribed by the sponsors, so you should not pay attention to the boots of outstanding players, you should always focus on the convenience of the boots and their quality.