Teaching beginners to new technical elements

Teaching beginners to new technical elements football.

Teaching beginners to new technical elements
Teaching beginners to new technical elements

Training in a new technical element provided for in the training schedule is already starting in the preparatory part of the training. By performing various preparatory, target, and directing exercises, we help prevent possible injuries and speed up mastering the element being learned.
Education new material begins in the main part of the lesson. Training is conducted in the usual way. Having placed the students, one should briefly explain the studied element of technology. Then the coach or the most skilled player will demonstrate it.
After the movement is demonstrated, the element is taught gradually, with an explanation of the individual techniques.
After mastering the technical element, it is necessary for practice to include it in the game “with interference”, in various games or in relay games, as well as in a two-sided game. The conditions of games or competitions must be formulated so that the learned element can be applied in a variety of ways and often, which will lead to a better assimilation.
Conducting classes with a large group, the coach, of course, is limited to correcting common mistakes. It is better to correct individual mistakes in individual lessons.
If, after repeated oral remarks or demonstrations, how to correct the error, it was not possible to eliminate it, one should resort to a more efficient method. For example, to apply bringing exercises with imitating movements and creating forced positions. If this does not help, then the part of the exercise in which the mistake was made, the coach shows separately several times, and if necessary, returns to the previous level of training. After the elimination of gross errors, you can proceed to the gradual mastering of the technical element, which is carried out until its successful implementation.
Mastering the right technique is a long process. In training, you can often see how a player hits the ball well and makes mistakes during the game. When learning you need a lot of patience. It must be remembered that for the excellent mastery of the technique during the game, it is necessary that it passes into the skill, and this takes time.
When training beginners, we must strive to ensure that they correctly follow the generally accepted technical elements. At first, you can not put up with any individual deviations. However, later. It is possible to allow slight deviations from the generally accepted method of performing the element. It happens, for example, that when the players hit the goal, they do not fully retract their foot. Others, when struck by the inside of the foot, do not completely turn the impact foot in order to reach the arc sent in the direction of the twisted gear. Some players, when they play with their heads, hit the ball with only the side of the forehead. Such individual deviations in the technique can be tolerated if the player applies them with a good result and especially if they are already entrenched. However, when performing technical elements using an individual method, extremes should not be allowed, because an erroneous technique ultimately leads to a bad game.